MEDIA RELEASE: A new natural resource management vision for Tasmania

Tasmania’s three natural resource management organisations, NRM South, NRM North and Cradle Coast Authority have released their new regional strategies through to 2030. Developed collaboratively across regions, the strategies adopt a consistent, scalable, whole-of-state NRM framework that the NRM organisations will use to prioritise their investment. Produced in consultation with

MEDIA RELEASE: True blue – restoring temperate saltmarsh for carbon capture

NRM South, the natural resource management organisation for southern Tasmania, is celebrating the expansion of its water program thanks to a significant funding boost from the Australian Government’s Blue Carbon Ecosystem Restoration Grants. NRM South is one of only five recipient organisations across Australia to share in the $9.5 million

Weed control workshop to protect a threatened community

Earlier this winter, our Senior Project Officer Sophie Golding organied a weed control workshop, facilitated by Axel Meiss, with landholders at a private property in the Huon Valley. The property is also home to a stand of what is formally known as ‘Tasmanian forest and woodlands dominated by Black Gum

Performance update – June 2022

Wrapping up the east coast legume trial

NRM South, in partnership with the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA), have been running a perennial legume trial at Milton, Cranbrook since 2017. The aim of the trial was to test legume varieties that can persist in the challenging dryland conditions experienced on the east coast. Legumes are an important

Environmentally Friendly Moorings – why make the switch?

Twelve mooring leaseholders in the Channel region of North West Bay have put up their hands to swap their chain moorings over to CSIRO-engineered environmentally-friendly moorings (EFMs). These moorings provide a safe and reliable alternative to help protect sensitive habitats – such as those that can be found in the