Caging plants for conservation

As part of our Threatened Plants project, NRM South is working with partners to protect critically endangered Southport heath in Tasmania's far south. With only one known wild population, Southport heath is at risk of extinction. Now in the second year of the project, we have been able to coordinate

The trials of trapping sugar gliders – five key lessons

The swift parrot is a critically endangered migratory bird that divides its time between Tasmania and mainland Australia. The swift parrot gets its name from its impressive flight speeds, but there is another aspect of this small charismatic bird that is also swift – its rate of decline. The two

Who should you call? Gorse-busters!

Gorse is a habitat-altering weed that causes serious issues for agricultural landscapes and in sensitive natural environments across large swathes of Tasmania. Originally introduced as a hedge plant in the 1800s it quickly spread out of control. Once established, gorse is very difficult to eradicate. As part of our work

Fintastic result as endangered fish conservation efforts receive funding boost!

This week, representatives from NRM South met with Minister for the Environment, The Hon. Sussan Ley MP and Liberal Candidate for Lyons, Susie Bower to announce grant funding for two new conservation projects focusing on red handfish and swan galaxia, two endangered fish species that are listed as priority species

MEDIA RELEASE – Local knowledge key to restoring internationally significant Tasmanian wetlands

Over 8000 resident black swans know just how important Moulting Lagoon and the Apsley Marshes are to birds and other wildlife. NRM South are working with local farmers, vineyards and conservation land managers such as the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, to restore and care for these internationally significant wetlands on Tasmania’s

Farming Forecaster showcased at recent workshops

Farming Forecaster, the innovative and powerful feed budgeting and stock management tool that has seen a growing popularity amongst the NSW farming community, is now available to Tasmanian graziers. At well-attended recent workshops led by NRM South and NRM North, farmers were able to see this tool in action, thanks