Over 100 people clean-up Bruny coast

The waterways of stunning Bruny Island are cleaner thanks to the efforts of the 114 volunteers and the D’Entrecasteaux and Huon Collaboration (DHC) partners who joined a marine debris clean up event last Saturday 25 May, removing over 10 cubic metres of debris. Organised by the DHC, these annual clean-ups

Huon Marine Debris Clean-up

On Saturday 11th May 2019 the D’Entrecasteaux and Huon Collaboration, hosted by NRM South, held one of its most exciting events of the year - the Huon Marine Debris Clean-up. The magnificent coastline of Charlotte Cove, Garden Island and surrounds are cleaner thanks to the efforts of the 82 incredible

D’Entrecasteaux and Huon Report Card

The D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Huon Estuary are Tasmania’s most treasured waterways – they host more Tasmanian recreational fishers and boaters than any other in Tasmania, and harbour thriving commercial operators and growing residential development. For the past 7 years, industry, government and natural resource management organisations have been working in

Help our local handfish

Handfish walk with their “hands” rather than swim. They belong to a group of coastal anglerfish with a narrow distribution in southeastern Australia. There are 14 species with seven endemic to Tasmania and Bass Strait. Handfishes don’t have a planktonic stage, they lay eggs, and have parental care of eggs.

Seaweed Appreciation Day

On October 20th 2018, the D’Entrecasteaux and Huon Collaboration hosted a ‘Seaweed Appreciation Day’ at Tinderbox Reserve. Over 50 curious people attended to learn more about the beautiful form and function of marine plants. During the event taxonomic experts and Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) researchers gave talks

Cleaning the Bruny Coast

Earlier in August, a Marine Debris Clean-up at Alonnah brought together over 100 volunteers from the community and industry. Together they removed over 10 cubic metres of trash and 160kg of rope from the spectacular Bruny Island coastline. D’Entrecasteaux and Huon Collaboration partners Kingborough Council, Huon Aquaculture, Tassal, NRM South,