Recovery Actions for Swan Galaxias


Improving the conservation trajectory of the endangered Swan galaxias (Galaxias fontanus).



Swan galaxia are listed as endangered under the EPBC Act and the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 and is one of the Australian Government’s priority species under its Threatened Species Strategy 2021-2031. Researchers have identified Swan galaxias as one of Australia’s most threatened freshwater fish at imminent risk of extinction within the next 20 years.


State government, CSIRO, University of Tasmania, NRM North.


Australian Government – Environmental Restoration Fund



June 2022 – June 2023


Building on previous work, the project will apply new techniques and technologies to habitat modelling to identify previously undiscovered populations and inform site selection for on-ground restoration works. It will develop eDNA markers for population sampling as a tool in routine river health monitoring by partner organisations, and undertaken translocations to protect genetic diversity and safeguard population size. The project addresses the key threats to the species and builds resilience in population in anticipation of the impacts of climate change.